Niki and Jett have known each other, and been friends, since birth. Their jewellery designer mothers, Manuela and Megan, formed a jewellery company together. Niki and Jett used to accompany them to work, developing a natural love for all that sparkles, but they were evicted after an event now known as 'The Fitzel Incident'.

When Jett was 2 years old he loved shiny things so much that he decided to eat a Swarovski crystal. (Good taste Jett!) Jett swallowed it whole and after many nappy checks later and an X-ray it was decided that there was no shiny thing inside. Every day Jett, who could not pronounce crystal would say '' Fitzel- gone! '' the crystal wasn't the only thing that was gone, the kids were also evicted from the work premises shortly after.

Of course they have both grown up quite a lot since then and if Megan and Manuela have their way then when Niki and Jett grow up they will marry and live happily ever after.....

Until then, they remain the best of friends and they love coming into work to create their very own jewellery items.

This has prompted Manuela and Megan to start teaching children how to make beautiful Jewellery. The Niki & Jett Jewellery courses were an instant hit and the premises were simply no longer suitable. After much deliberating it was decided to take the workshops mobile and adopt a “we come to you” model.

To their amusement, they always have just about equal amounts of girls and boys attending their workshops. This prompted the introduction of a more complete range of projects to cater for everyone,.

Since then, Manuela and Megan have run numerous workshops in Holiday Care Centres and Long Day care Centres. They have suitable projects for children aged 4 to 12 and love running the workshops.

If you ever attend one of their workshops you might also get to meet Niki or Jett as they quite often want to come along and help.

Manuela and Megan also run a weekly workshop at the Manly Village Public School.



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